After loads of preparation, I’m finally here in Melbourne!

The travel was an adventure of it’s own. I have one suitcase and a backpack for clothes, and two cases of camera equipment. The sensitive equipment went carry-on with me, and a large case of durable equipment was checked with baggage. The cases were really impossible to manage alone, so I was happy that I could check them at the curb in Detroit.

I didn’t anticipate that I would have to manage all of those cases later in the trip. I flew from Detroit to LA, then to Sydney, and finally to Melbourne. Because Sydney was my point-of-entry into the country, I was required to pick-up my luggage and go through customs. Once finished, I had to manage the luggage through the security lines in preparation for my final flight, to Melbourne. There were very little time, and I ended up being one of those people who runs through the airport whilst overhead someone is announcing, “Will Danny McDougall please report to Gate D56 – your plane is about to depart.”

Check out the video for view of my home base for my time here in Melbourne. I’m lucky to be staying at an AirBnB location in a great neighborhood.

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