We've changed the world a bit and people are looking at us differently.

In an interview ABC News, Daniel Durant described being a young boy in Minnesota and looking to Marlee Matlin as inspiration. After a decade of ever-growing success on series television, stage, screen, and now Dancing With The Stars, Durant is mindful that young Deaf eyes are on him: “I want to see the younger generation chase their dreams.”

Highlighting the small number of parents of Deaf children who learn American Sign Language, Daniel emphasized the importance of ASL in the linguistic, social, and educational experiences of Deaf children. He described the commitment of The Moms to learn to sign (they are that cool … they are capitalized).

80% of hearing parents with Deaf children don't sign, and it impacts how their children grow up.

Daniel noted that sign language is a key element in the bond he has with his family—an experience that is reflected in research. ABC News anchor Kyra Phillips was raised in a home where sign language and Deaf people were familiar. Several of her family members were involved in careers in Deaf Education. Phillips used her platform on the show to highlight the importance of ASL, and Daniel’s efforts to ensure that Deaf children have the opportunities thrive in way that he has.

The impact of what he is doing goes far beyond the movie theatre.
— Kyra Phillips

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