The best way to be part of the show?
Be part of our Kickstarter campaign — Happening now!

Click on the Police Deaf Near Far show logo in the box at the right to see our Kickstarter page.  The campaign’s goal is raise dollars for the production that are above-and-beyond a typical show.  Our goal is to raise $12,000 in 45 days, and the it’s all-or-nothing:  If we don’t hit our goal by August 15th, we don’t get any of the pledges.  Pledging is simple and safe, through  Just pledge using a credit card, and your card isn’t charged until August 15th — and only if we reach our goal.  That way, you know you’re backing a project that is fully-funded.

Throughout the campaign and the production, we’ll keep you posted on our Backstage Blog. You’ll meet the cast, director, interpreters and the design and technical team behind the production. Here’s how to keep in touch:

This Site: Click “Backstage Blog” for the latest posts
Twitter: Follow TerpTheatre and #pdnf
Facebook: HERE
Email: Subscribe to our email updates.

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