Jamie Fidler and James Cech attended rehearsal for the first time for Bells Are Ringing tonight at Oakland University.  The huge cast has been hard at work for weeks – focusing mainly on practicing the show’s many songs and learning choreography.

The show is directed by Karen Sheridan, who has worked with TerpTheatre for 13 years!  Tonight, Karen introduced James and Jamie to the cast, which includes talented students from the music, theatre and dance departments.  They’ve only been rehearsing for a few weeks, and they look and sound amazing!  Karen will be blogging here soon!

Watch Jamie and James‘ first vBlog, including a brief introduction to Bells Are Ringing and their thoughts about some news they just received!  (The vBlog is in ASL – use the ‘cc’ button on YouTube for the English transcription.)


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Get detailed show and ticket information on terptheatre.org.

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