So, Jamie and James have finished their performance of Bells Are Ringing, and we’re dying to know …

Did you come to the show? What did you think?

J & J started their day at the afternoon performance of Bells Are Ringing at 2 o’clock.  They had been

James Cech and Jamie Fidler
Jamie and James attend the matinee performance of Bells on the day of their own interpreted performance.

rehearsing on-stage a lot with the cast.  That’s great – but, they needed to see the show from the audience’s perspective one last time.  After the performance, they headed toto dinner with TerpTheatre’s Danny McDougall for dinner and some last minute rehearsing.  Seeing the afternoon performance helped them make some last-minute changes in their movement on stage.

They put on their stage make-up and took care of their hair at home before heading out.  Well, James didn’t have much to do – but Jamie worked to create bouncy curls – like the lead character in the show.

Snow began to fall as the 8 o’clock performance neared, and we wondered: Would anyone from the Deaf/ASL community show up?  Wow! As soon as the theatre opened at 7:30, the section reserved for Deaf patrons began filling up.  A terrific mix of Deaf and hearing people from all over southeast Michigan were in attendance. Some people traveled quite far – and others even persevered after being in a serious car crash on the way to the theatre.

To those who braved the snow – Thank You!

Can we ask you for one more favor? Let us know what you thought!  Leave a note for Jamie and James.  Why not tell the cast what you thought?  How about the Director, Karen? The Set Designer, Andrew? The costume crew, lead by Mary?  Were you in the show and want to speak up?

We’d love to hear what you think!  And … What would you like to see next?

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  1. WOW! Bells are Ringing was a wonderful play. The shadow interpreting was beautiful! James and Jamie you both did an awesome job! I look forward to more of your work, please post any future plays the two of you will be involved in, together or solo. I enjoyed every minute and every sign! Thanks for a wonderful evening!

  2. I Loved the show and was so impressed with your interpreting….it added so much to the show. The added effects just made the show! This was my first visit to a play with shadow interpreting and I am spoiled for all other plays without shadow interpreting….they will be sooooo boring! You guys did a FANTASTIC job!

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