One important question that we ask when beginning to work on a production is, “What will the set look like?”  Because we move on stage with the actors, it is important that we understand the details of the physical environment.  We need to how to get around on stage quickly – and how to stay safe in the process.

Set design is a unique art of its own.  The set designer must consider a variety of factors, such as the creative vision of the director, the requirements of the script, and the historical details of the story.  More practical matters also influence the set designer’s work.  Stage size and configuration, available materials, budget and even the need for the set to travel are all contributing factors.

For Bells Are Ringing, set designer Andrew Layton had to take into account that the show will be performed off of the Oakland University campus, at the performing arts center at Eisenhower High School.  Andrew’s eye-catching design cranks up the color on this this already colorful production! To sum up Andrew’s approach to the set of Bells Are Ringing:

“Everything improves with
sixty pounds of glitter.”

Get details about Andrew’s set design from my vBlog below.  As Jamie and James continue to vBlog from rehearsals, you’ll begin to see the set taking shape and being finalized in time for opening night!

Don’t Know ASL? No Problem – Use The Captions: After pressing play, click on the ‘cc’ button.


Bells Are Ringing

Saturday, February 12, 2011

TIcket Information and Performance Details on TerpTheatre’s Website

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