TerpTheatre has begun a two-year book project that will include original research focusing on theatre interpreting.  Companion video and images will feature techniques described in the text, and  interviews with interpreters, Deaf people, and theatre professionals involved in bringing sign language to the stage.  We hope that the book will include diverse perspectives gathered from around the globe.

Because the subject is rarely chronicled, shadow interpreting will receive special attention.  We’ll also delve into the boundaries between performances that are interpreted and those performed by blended casts of hearing and Deaf actors.

[pl_label type=”inverse”]Keep In Touch: So Will We![/pl_label]  If you are a theatre interpreter, a Deaf theatre buff, or a theatre professional who has worked with interpreters, please contact us.  We will include you in our upcoming announcements and research opportunities.  You can also follow the project on our blog, Facebook and Twitter.

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