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Oakland University is nearing the interpreted production of The Women of Lockerbie. Just before Christmas in 1988, a Pan Am flight bound for the United States exploded over Scotland. The Women of Lockerbie follows the parents of a young man on the plane, coming to the site of the crash ten years later – in Lockerbie, Scotland. [ See our website for more details. ]


In this blog, costume designer, Shari Bennett, gives a great account of the costume creating process.  Oakland University’s professors worth the student designers and sewers on each production.  Students majoring in theatre at Oakland’s department of Music, Theatre and Dance each are required to rotate through various aspects of theatre production.  Actors who are working on their own play may also be helping sew costumes or help backstage during other productions.  Check out Shari’s vBlog, below.


The Women of Lockerbie
November 18, 2011 – Oakland University
[ Performance Details ]


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