Directory of Theatre Interpreters, Consultants, and Deaf Theatre Artists [BETA]

The most common request we receive is for help locating a theatre interpreter in a specific area.  We’re developing this directory to make it easier for theatre companies to connect with interpreters and Deaf theatre artists. Are you a theatre interpreter, consultant, Deaf actor, or other Deaf theatre artist? Add your entry! The directory is a completely free service designed to help bring together theaters and sign language professionals.

[pl_popover title=”Tips” content=”Our directory allows you to include as much or as little detail as you please. If you include your city, state/region and country, you will make it easier for others to search for you by location. You should apply at least two categories to your entry: A service category (interpreter, consultant, Deaf actor, etc.); AND a location. Don’t see yours? Choose Uncategorized and we’ll update our system accordingly.” position=”right”]Hover For Tips For Your Listing[/pl_popover]
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