Dance Genre: Tango

Daniel and Britt’s premiere on DWTS was electric – and not only because of their neon choice of clothing! The judges praised the performance, noting Durant’s intuitive awareness of his body, and his ‘frame’ – the positioning of a dancer’s upper body, often in relationship with their partner. The team survived the first night, ending in 6th place!

Scores: Carrie Ann: 7; Leo: 6; Derek: 7; Bruno: 7

Total: 27 out of 40

Episode 1 Recap By The Daily Moth
Episode 1 Dance – Time Lapse

You are such a leading man!

Carrie Ann

If Streisand was watching she would be pleased … You can do anything you want!


I’m really excited to see you develop as this show goes along.


Your focus is unbelievable!


You can tell you have an awarenes of your body. Your frame was fantastic.


You brought us through all the shades of an amazing Tango.

Carrie Ann

The Song

Title: Barbra Streisand

Artist: Duck Sauce

Year: 2010

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