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Michael Bublé Week!

Week 6 of DWTS featured songs sung by Canadian superstar, Michael Bublé. Daniel and Britt danced the foxtrot to the song Feeling Good. The song is a crooning standard that was a hit for Bublé – but its roots are in musical theatre (see below).

Tonight’s Dance: Feeling Good

Team Sign To Shine was the last team to dance during the live broadcast.

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Judges’ Rankings

The judges were very positive about the performance, noting that Daniel had concentrated on amping up the emotion in his dance. Daniel and Britt ranked 6th in the judge’s scores, making them easily safe to continue on to next week’s Halloween episode.

Carrie Ann: 9
Len: 8
Michael: 9
Derek: 8
Bruno: 9
Total: 43

Britt and Daniel head upstairs to wait for the judges’ scores.

I think that we are all feeling good. That was such a special way to end a special night.

Carrie Ann

Your shots. I mean, you were on, man. The shots – every one – perfect timing … I watch you and I’m like, ‘how the Hell is this man doing this?’ Like, you are amazing. My new hero.

Michael Bublé

You actually hit – side by side (which is actually harder, on your own) – you hit every accent you had to, exactly on the beat.


I have a man-crush. I love you, dude.

Michael Bublé

Foxtrot is a notoriously difficult dance, and you coped brilliantly well.


That was fantastic. You always emote so beautifully. You always draw us in.


You are interpreting this music in such a beautifully passionate way. I am so impressed with you.

Carrie Ann

I love the intensity. Your drive.


I loved that hop-over. Boom! You lit it up here tonight.


There was one moment where you got ahead of the music, but then you pulled eachother back on time. That is almost miraculous. It was wonderful.

Carrie Ann

That is such a rich, deep, and powerful song, and you captured the essence of the song so beautifully.

Michael Bublé

The Song

Watch Feeling Good by Michael Bublé (w/cc)


Michael Bublé

The song Feeling Good has become a standard best covered by vocalists with Bublé classic, crooning style. The originates from the musical, Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd.

Year: 2005

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