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I was honored to have been invited to present the inaugural student-lead research seminar at the Centre for Translation & Interpreting Studies in Scotland. The seminar structure features a current PhD student, joined by one of their dissertation supervisors and one other invited researcher (chosen by the student). I was joined by Dr. Annelies Kusters (one of my dissertation supervisors at Heriot-Watt University) and Dr. Geraldine Brodie (who researches translation for the stage, from University College London).

Entitled Corporeal Translations: Considering space and the embodied nature of theatre translation and interpretation, the event began with an overview of the theoretical concepts of deaf space and deaf geographies by Dr. Kusters. Dr. Brodie then provided an overview of translation for the stage in London, describing foundational terminology, procedural variations, and the visibility of theatre translators. I then discussed early findings from my ongoing research about use of space by sign language interpreters in the theatre.

Danny McDougall (TerpTheatre founder) is an English/ASL interpreter, educator, and researcher. He is presently a PhD student at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland) and associate professor and chair of Sign Language Studies at Madonna University (Livonia, Michigan).

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