Join Our Discussion About Interpreted Theatre

During the week of September 25, Danny McDougall (from TerpTheatre) will be joining students from the interpreting program at Heriot-Watt University in a discussion about interpreted theatre. Danny will present a lecture to the students, who will then work on their translation and interpreting skills related to theatre interpreting. Throughout the week, students at Heriot-Watt will tweet to Danny with their questions and thoughts about interpreted theatre.

Are you a theatre interpreter? If so, why-not join the conversation? Follow TerpTheatre on Twitter, and look for tweets from the Heriot-Watt students during the week of September 25th, 2016. Students will tweet questions to Danny via TerpTheatre. Your responses are encouraged! This approach provides students at Heriot-Watt with a broader perspective than one person: Your input becomes part of the learning experience.

To become part of the discussion, simply follow TerpTheatre on Twitter.


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