You’ve arrived at the theatre.

You pick up your ticket.

You’re given a program.

You pick a seat in the theatre.

As you peruse the program contents you will see lists of people who are involved with the production of the show – from the director (Karen Sheridan) to the actors to the whole crew.  You’ll read about the time and place of the play (It is December 21, 1995; the seven-year anniversary of the Pan Am 103 crash.  A stream in the hills in Lockerbie, Scotland where the wreckage landed.  The night of the winter solstice.).  If you attend the night that terptheatre will be joining the cast to help tell the story you will also see an insert with the written gloss for the character sign names.  But what if you can’t quite tell which character is which…

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the cast of The Women of Lockerbie and to have them show you the sign names for each of their characters.  Also appearing in the vlog below is stage manager Chris Neville and dancer Jessica Hublick.



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