When you walk into the Varner Studio Theatre to see The Women of Lockerbie, you’ll see an innovative scenic design.  Writing names on the set.What you won’t see, is a tribute to the victims of the Pan Am flight that crashed into Lockerbie, Scotland after a terrorist attack.

Scenic Designer, Gina Smothers, created an environment for Lockerbie that includes rock formations, fabric, real grass and a flowing river that spreads across the stage.  The cast and interpreters interact with this special environment to transform the audience to the hills of Scotland.  In Gina’s vBlog (below), she describes the design process, and shows you some of the material used to create the hills of Scotland.

But, before the set was finished, the cast and crew of The Women of Lockerbie paid tribute to the victims of the crash.  In total, 270 people died as a result of the crash: including 11 residents of Lockerbie.  During set construction, the cast and crew wrote the names of those who died on the platforms and other surfaces of the set.  Even though covered in paint, grass and rock, the victims of the tragedy remain vivid to the cast during in performance.  This moving tribute set the tone for this moving production.

See Gina’s vBlog below, where she describes the process of designing the set for this moving production.

The Women of Lockerbie
November 18, 2011 – Oakland University
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