TerpTheatre founder, Danny McDougall, is heading to Edinburgh, Scotland to present at Critical Link 8—a conference bringing together interpreters and translators in spoken and signed languages. Established in Canada in 1992, Critical Link International is committed to the advancement of interpretation in social, legal, and healthcare settings.

“Held every three years, this highly esteemed event creates a global platform for TICS practitioners, user groups, public sector professionals, decision makers, academics and researchers. Providing a forum for the exchange of information, knowledge and skills, it offers unparalleled opportunities for networking for people from around the world.”

Critical Link International

*TICS = Translation, Interpreting and Communication Support

Danny will present a paper which reports the findings of a linguistic analysis of the poetic features of one of his own translations from the musical, Company. The translation in question is for the song Sorry-Grateful, performed at Oakland University’s department of Music, Theatre, and Dance. The photo above shows a moment from the translation, a neologistic sign for “regretful-happy”. The full translation appears below.

The paper is part of Danny’s ongoing research focusing on interpreted theatre, and his PhD studies in the Department of Interpretation at Gallaudet University. His research is generously supported by an award from Madonna University — the Distinguished Teaching Professorship in the Humanities. Funds for the award originated from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Danny is Chair and Associate Professor of the Sign Language Studies department at Madonna University.

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