Hundreds of shows in a history spanning more than twenty years. TerpTheatre’s approach is the collective result of creative partnerships with thousands of theatre artists. During this time, some unique relationships stand out.

Wild Swan Theater

Hilary Cohen and Sandy Ryder, co-founders of Wild Swan Theater, were a strong early influence on TerpTheatre’s, Dan McDougall (as well as many other local interpreters). Wild Swan Theater is one of America’s most respected professional theater groups for the family. Their focus: Making theatre accessible to everyone.
Sandy and Hilary are visionaries. It is among them that we honed our script analysis and blocking strategies. They and their committed ensemble of choreographers, actors, craftspeople, and artists provided the perfect working environment for developing our style of work.

Oakland University

TerpTheatre has been fortunate to work with the professionals and students at the theatre department of Oakland University since 1997.
OU provides a rich working environment that combines two goals: excellent theatre and educating young actors and other theatre professionals. Over the years, we have developed a close working relationship with the faculty and students at OU, which has allowed TerpTheatre to enhance our approach to shadow interpreting – and to the marketing interpreted performances.
In 2009, The Kennedy Center recognized TerpTheatre’s interpreters — including Valoree Boyer  — with a special commendation for their work in OU’s The Trojan Women. In 2012, TerpTheatre and Oakland University partnered to produce the Michigan premiere of Police Deaf Near Far.  After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the production hired two professional Deaf actors to work with OU acting students. The result was wildly acclaimed, and each performance was SOLD OUT.
Beyond the experience of making great theatre, our collaboration with OU helps future actors, directors, and producers understand the value and creative potential of interpreted theatre.


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