Police Deaf Near Far would not be possible without the help of a wide variety of supporters. Our Kickstarter campaign ran from July 1 through August 15, and our supporters are listed below, under “Shout Outs”.  We’ve also received other support through grants and sponsorships.  Our heartfelt thanks to all of our supporters — Without you, Police Deaf Near Far would not be possible.

Our Kickstarter campaign was launched with this video, which describes the history of this production, and why we feel it is an important story to tell in our community.

Grants & Sponsorships

The Judd Family Endowment for the Arts and Humanities

Sorenson Communications

Shout Outs:
Thanks For Your Support on Kickstarter!

All pledges of $25 or more are recognized here.
See printed program for giving levels.

Patricia Johnson

Amanda Simmons

J. Routhier

Terry Benson


Michelle Lanzi

Delores Gariepy

Alex Bojcuniak


Fanny Knox Ennever


Susanna Ayala

Cheryl Monte

Christa Moran

Angell Whitlock

Isabella Knox

Mari Vaydik

Rosalie Bradley

Stefanie Johnston

Robin Mills

Dianne DeFauw

Jack Tocco

Vincenza Klooster

Kerro Knox 3

Christy Filipich

Sandy Ryder

Leslie Littell

Boyd Cryer

Kevin McAlpine

Ruth Achterhoff Aust

Jon Miller

Andrew Layton

Chris Hench

Kim Tocco

Isle Dietz

Todd Morrison

Kathleen Mitchell

Jeff Ward

Robin Hatt

Richard Mitrak

V. Vernon Cannon

Chuck Charbeneau

Patricia Hull

Sandra Turner

Earl Baranowski

Toni Dallier


Matt Hampel

Karen Sheridan

Richard and Harriet Cooper

Faith Gladding

Mary Bragg


Terry Ulch

Rochelle Navarro

Mark and Sabine Vogel

Alicia and Stephan Altmueller


Bridget Mitchell


Danielle Gray

Erin Parrish

Elaine M. Fritz

Claudia Lee

Lori Dunham

Beth Atkinson

Robert & Mary Morley

Nancy Acker

Ulrike and Gisela Schoenfeld

P. Nolan

Shirley Parrish

Gillian Ellis

Eric Cooper

Rick Benedict

Blair Hall


Joe Vieira

John Fosselman


Kathy Hajj-Thomas

Lori Bell Shuk

Lynn Riker

Anthony Piazza

Michael Thomas

Anita M. Herman


Kristine G. Kelly

Sue Livingston

Emily and Dave Fricks

Diane Torello

Tony Stroh

Manjit Gill

Paul Riopelle

Scott & Judy Miles

Marcy Colton

Anna Marck

Katie Turner

Karen Nave

George Westerman

Lori Parks

Keith Chartrau


Linda Crichton

Laura Rodgers

Liz Pazik

Maria McGuire

Estelle Gubow

Brittany Adams

Donna Sheridan

Kelly Greene

Jane L. Figal

Barbara Murray

ASLTA Michigan Chapter

Dorothy Greco

Greg Anderson

Lewis Merkin

Leigh Shugrue Blackmer

Stacey Hachey

Rick Shelley

Denise Sholler

Joshua and Barbara Fierer

Bill VanHemert

Patricia Soma

Jessica Spearman

Sharon Myladoor

Michael J. Fijolek

Aviva Simonte

Carrie Kovachevich

Larry Chickola

Dennis Liegghio

Pat Johnson

Becky Bolander

David Rice

Amy Hennes

Steve Blackwood

Pat WT Euseary

Kelly Gute

Julia Gosztyla Ziobro



Deborah Garbarino



  1. I am trying to get others to donate but if they don’t see our names on the list (we donated $100) they might be curious as to why we didn’t donate.
    Richard and Harriet Cooper

    1. Author

      Hi Richard. We added your name to the supporter page of PDNF a couple of days ago. Sometimes, web browsers will hold an old copy of the page for viewing. I wonder if you refresh your browser, if that might help? I will also make an adjustment on this end that might take care of the issue from this end.

      On the Kickstarter page, the supporters tab updates after every ten new donors. The list is not in any particular order – I see your name on the second page.

      Please reply back if refreshing your browser page doesn’t show you in our list on http://pdnf.terptheatre.org/pdnf-supporters/ – That might mean there is some other technical issue with our blog.

      I appreciate your note – if there is a problem on our end, I’ll want to address it. Thanks.


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