My first week in Australia is all about adjusting. The 14 hour time difference is a big part of that – but, I’m also meeting new people, being exposed to a new sign language, and enjoying the differences in every-day things that I’ve come to overlook at home. When IContinue Reading

Danny sitting outside with a lime tree behind him, signing the ASL sign, STUCK

After loads of preparation, I’m finally here in Melbourne! The travel was an adventure of it’s own. I have one suitcase and a backpack for clothes, and two cases of camera equipment. The sensitive equipment went carry-on with me, and a large case of durable equipment was checked with baggage.Continue Reading

As I type this, I am on a plane, and beginning an astonishing adventure. How This Started In 1980, theatre introduced me to sign language. I was in a production of Runaways, by Elizabeth Swadows, and I played a Deaf character (see photo, above). I had never met a Deaf person,Continue Reading