Marlee Matlin holds a SAG award with a shocked look on her face.

The cast and creative team behind CODA reunited in Los Angeles for the 28th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. The cast of CODA bookended the night at the SAG awards, taking the first and the last awards of broadcast on TNT. CODA was represented in two categories: Troy Kotsur wonContinue Reading

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See full post here: Danny McDougallDanny McDougall, PhD, CSC — “Dr. Danny” — owns and manages TerpTheatre. Since 1986, he has interpreted in hundreds of plays, musicals and other performances on stage – most in the shadowed style. He teaches and lectures on the theory and practice of theatreContinue Reading

Black, red and white designed square graphic with the poster art from the film CODA within it. CODA film artwork displays a blue sky background with a lighthouse in the background and a truck with a family sitting on the backside in the foreground. The family is closely together and have varying expressions on their face, most prominent expression is love. Overlayed on the film poster are two ticket stubs indicating the giveaway of tickets.

Repost from Deaf West Theatre: In partnership with Apple TV+, we’ve gotten exclusive access to three Apple TV+ special advance screenings of CODA. Please visit to find out specific locations and more information on how to obtain FREE passes. #coda#appletv#deafwesttheatre Image Text:Deaf West Theatre in partnership with Apple TV+Continue Reading

photos: @codamovie on Instagram CODA stars Marlee Matlin, Troy Kusters, and TerpTheatre alumnus Daniel Durant (Police Deaf Near Far), along with Emilia Jones as Ruby in the title CODA role. Filmed before the COVID pandemic, CODA* tells the story of a Deaf family with one hearing Coda member. The filmContinue Reading