I’m looking forward to presenting at the seventh conference of the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS) in September, 2021. The conference will be conducted in a hybrid format — online world-wide and in-person, in Barcelona. On-site registration will be limited to 100 participants. As part of aContinue Reading

TerpTheatre founder, Danny McDougall, is heading to Edinburgh, Scotland to present at Critical Link 8—a conference bringing together interpreters and translators in spoken and signed languages. Established in Canada in 1992, Critical Link International is committed to the advancement of interpretation in social, legal, and healthcare settings. “Held every threeContinue Reading

Danny sitting outside with a lime tree behind him, signing the ASL sign, STUCK

After loads of preparation, I’m finally here in Melbourne! The travel was an adventure of it’s own. I have one suitcase and a backpack for clothes, and two cases of camera equipment. The sensitive equipment went carry-on with me, and a large case of durable equipment was checked with baggage.Continue Reading