Allison Kochanski rehearsing for Bells Are Ringing.

TerpTheatre typically rehearses for a show for about 5 weeks before the performance.  Hundreds of hours are spent at the theatre and at home, translating lines from English to ASL, memorizing those lines, and then working with the actors on how move with them throughout the production. Here is aContinue Reading

Karen Sheridan

Here is a picture of me. I look very conservative. What’s up with that?!  Danny probably doesn’t even recognize this woman!  (Actually I’m duct-taped to the chair.) But, despite anything TerpTheatre may say about me, I am delighted to be celebrating the beginning of our 13th year of collaboration!  The first show was Children ofContinue Reading

Jamie Fidler and Jame Cech

Jamie Fidler and James Cech attended rehearsal for the first time for Bells Are Ringing tonight at Oakland University.  The huge cast has been hard at work for weeks – focusing mainly on practicing the show’s many songs and learning choreography. The show is directed by Karen Sheridan, who hasContinue Reading