DTV News Links: Website Facebook   DTV News offers this important segment about the experience of Deaf people when interacting with law enforcement officers. The segment notes that some local municipalities have developed visor cards to help communication between law enforcement and Deaf people, and also provides tips for safeContinue Reading

TerpTheatre’s production of Police Deaf Near Far (2012, in partnership with Oakland University) told the story of Stinger, a Deaf man killed during an interaction with a police officer. The production echoed the often tragic real-world encounters between law enforcement and members of the Deaf, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind communities.Continue Reading

Deaf West Theatre has announced its next production, Spring Awakening, and has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise $25,000 in financial support. The production brings together an impressive creative team and huge cast of twenty three Deaf and hearing actors – including Daniel Durant who starred in the TerpTheatre/Oakland University 2012Continue Reading

Angry police officer with night stick, holding a "5" hand up toward the camera and openig his mouth.

Police Deaf Near Far – a play by David Rush, which enjoyed a sold-out Michigan premiere in 2012 – tells the story of Stinger, a Deaf man who is killed by a a police officer in a moment of tragic miscommunication. The play is based on an incident that tookContinue Reading