As soon as we knew that we would be bring Police Deaf Near Far to Michigan, TerpTheatre and Oakland University were committed to finding a the right cast – including looking for two great Deaf actors to join the hearing cast members at OU.  Police Deaf Near Far is a unique production that includes a cast of Deaf actors, hearing actors and sign language interpreters who move on stage with hearing actors.  Parts of the play are performed only in American Sign Language (ASL).  When this happens, hearing actors add a voice to the scene for those who do not understand ASL.When we announced auditions for the Deaf roles, we received resumes from actors all over the country.

After extensive auditions, we’ve selected two exciting actors with experience on the national stage and film – and some online popularity:  Daniel Durant and Garrett Zuercher.

Auditions for hearing cast members were held in the spring among students at OU’s department of Music, Theatre and Dance.  Actors were selected for their talents, and also for their enthusiasm for the project.  One character in the play is a certified interpreter (“Roberta), which requires the two actors portraying her to master their lines in ASL before the premiere in October.  Many of the students are already working on their roles, and rehearsals start in late August.

Meet everyone in this cast announcement video.  Throughout the rehearsal process, you’ll have a chance to see more of them here on our backstage vBlogs at

Check Out Daniel’s YouTube Channel: HERE

Watch Garrett’s ASL/VRS Version of “Call Me Maybe”: HERE


  1. You guys would be great! Im sure the crowd would be enjoy your show. I wish you guys would show on tv so out world would watch too!

  2. Marvelous production; will help the hearing and non-hearing world communicate better, hopefully. We know, first hand, how hard the cast is working on this production.

  3. SOOOOO proud of Daniel Durant!!! “your living your DREAM son” xoxoxoxies

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