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Week 8 of DWTS was packed with fantastic dances and competitions between pairs of dancers. Live performances from nineties music icons wowed the audience and pulled the episode back in time. Daniel and Britt threw down the gauntlet with their jazz routine to Depeche Mode’s song Enjoy The Silence.

With forceful, angular choreography, their bodies overlapped to create geometric shapes. The song faded to silence for one segment of the performance, leaving Daniel and Britt to continue dancing flawlessly until the music returned.

Enjoy The Silence: Full Dance

The night also featured a dance relay round. Teams went head-to-head in a competition to compare their dancing to a song sung live by a 90s superstar. Daniel & Britt competed against Shangela & Gleb while dancing the cha-cha to a live performance of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

The night ended with a double elimination.

Judges’ Rankings

The judges were thrilled with the performance and gave Daniel and Britt the highest scores they have awarded the couple so far in the competition!

Watch the score reveal!

Carrie Ann: 10
Len: 9
Derek: 10
Bruno: 10
Total: 39

The scores and audience voting kept Daniel and Britt safe to return next week!

It was SO FUNKY! It was like a new Daniel came out and hit that routine!

Carrie Ann

Interesting choreography from you, Britt. Well done.


What you do out here is so special. It is a gift to us.


You danced that was so much confidence. It had power, and it had polish.


You’re such a great partner for Britt. You support her. You’re there for her. You lift her. You’re strong for her. That — for me — is as important as being a great dancer — and you’re both, brother.


That was insanely powerful. It made me realize how much I depend on the music. And, to share that – it’s powerful, man.


I think the world is proud of you, Daniel. It was like magic.


The Song

Watch Feeling Good by Michael Bublé (w/cc)


Depeche Mode

The song Enjoy The Silence is considered by some to be the “best” Depeche Mode song. Released in 1990, the song combined haunting lead vocals with a pulsing, urgent background beat.

Year: 1990

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